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Changsha Xiangjia Was Awarded with the First Batch Of Cross-border RMB Settlement Quality Enterprises in Hunan Province


In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice on Further Optimizing Cross-border RMB Policies to Support Stabilizing Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment" (Yinfa [2020] No. 330) issued by the People’s Bank of China and other six ministries and commissions, the People’s Bank of China Changsha Central Sub-branch moved quickly to guide Hunan’s foreign exchange and cross-border The RMB market self-discipline mechanism formulated the "Hunan Province High-Quality Enterprises Cross-border RMB Trade and Investment Facilitation Pilot Program (2021 Edition)", which clarified the identification standards and selection procedures of high-quality enterprises. The member units of the provincial self-discipline mechanism recommended and collectively evaluated and selected the first batch of 126 high-quality enterprises for cross-border RMB settlement in Hunan in 2021, including 105 high-quality enterprises in the province (excluding free trade zones) and 17 high-quality enterprises in the free trade zones. 4 high-quality enterprises in foreign contracting projects.


Changsha Xiangjia Metal Material Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADTO Building Materials Group, is on the list and won the first batch of high-quality cross-border RMB settlement enterprises in Hunan Province.


On March 31, 2021, the provincial self-discipline mechanism officially released a list of high-quality companies. The companies on the list will handle cross-border renminbi business more conveniently and efficiently, and earnestly enjoy the policy dividends of cross-border renminbi business.


In the next step, the People's Bank of China, Changsha Central Branch will be oriented to serve the real economy, promote higher levels of trade and investment facilitation in Hunan Province, guide financial institutions to strengthen policy promotion and training, innovate products and services, and improve the experience of market entities using RMB , With better cross-border renminbi financial services, steadily promote the internationalization of the renminbi, support the construction of a new dual-cycle development pattern, and serve the high-quality development of the open economy in Hunan Province.

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