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Advantages of Octagonal Plate Scaffolding


The connecting plates of the socket-type buckle-type scaffolding on the market are mainly discs, while the connecting plates of ADTO Group are octagonal plates. We have registered a number of patents.


So what are the advantages of the octagonal plate? Today, we will introduce the advantages of the octagonal plate to you.


The biggest feature of the octagonal plate is that the node has strong torsion resistance and good stability.


When the crossbar and the vertical bar are connected, the U-shaped groove of the buckled joint is in contact with the edge of the connecting plate. The discs form point contact and the torsion resistance is weak. The octagonal plate surface contact plus a pin forms two groups of stable and reliable triangular force systems, and the overall torsional rigidity is strong.



The U-shaped groove of the horizontal rod buckle joint is stuck to the upper and lower limit after the octagonal plate, and will not move up and down.


The arc design at the top of the horizontal rod buckle joint can be in close contact with the surface of the steel pipe of the vertical rod. With the addition of the latch, it can limit the left and right positions and will not move left and right.


During construction, there are often rods stacked on the ground, especially on high working surfaces. Compared with the disc, the octagonal plate pole is more convenient for stacking because of its edges and angles, and it is not easy to roll.


Not only that, our octagonal plate product is very easy to distinguish when making scaffolding parts classifications. In addition to the unique octagonal plate design of the vertical pole, we can also customize the logo on the horizontal pole and the inclined pole.


Our latch is designed with a self-locking angle, which has strong self-locking ability after the latch is tightened; the bottom of the latch is designed as a hook, and the total width of the hook is greater than the length of the corresponding hole of the crossbar buckle joint, even if the latch is not tightened, it will not happen. 

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