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Advantages of Mechanical Splices for Concrete Rebar


Rebar mechanical splices are used to establish a mechanical connection between two pieces of rebars in concrete construction for joining reinforcing bars. 

The mechanical splicing system aligns and secures the joined rebar ends in an in-line connection suitable to meet appropriate splice requirements.  


Mechanical splices are being adopted in project sites due to their flexibility of use in congested reinforcement places at construction joints. 

These rebar connections are also more reliable than the lap systems because they do not depend on the concrete for load transfer. 

The splices also allow structural designers to achieve an ideal balance of steel and concrete by eliminating the additional rebar lap zone by meeting building code requirements in many areas. 

In seismic-prone zones, these splices provide structural engineers the ability to design and build concrete structures that meet or exceed today’s stringent construction codes and federal regulations regarding seismic frame construction.


Advantages of mechanical splices for concrete rebar


Faster installation.

Reducing crane use.

Eliminates lap calculations.

Decrease the possibility of pockets and voids in the concrete.

Eliminate the cost of breaking away massive amounts of concrete.

Provides higher performance than typical design lengths for lap splices

Maintains load path continuity of the reinforcement, independent of the condition or existence of the concrete.

Allows the option of larger diameter rebar in a smaller column while minimizing congestion.

Allows the structural designers to achieve an ideal balance of steel and concrete by eliminating the additional rebar in the lap zone.

Reduces the rebar congestion by decreasing the rebar in the lap zone and simplifying rebar placement.

As mechanical splices do not overlap, less rebar is used, reducing material costs.

Not rely on the concrete for load transfer and therefore maintains structural integrity.

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