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ADTO Scaffolding Coupler Type


Scaffolding Coupler is Traditional Construction Scaffolding Material. It is also called scaffold fittings of oil gas company contracting, maintenance and inspection.


There are Drop Forged Scaffolding Couplers and Press Steel Couplers, Cast Iron Couplers.  


Drop Forged Couplers are Heating and Forging from Round Bar for Covers and Bases. Most Oil Gas Companies and Construction Companies Like Forged Double Couplers, Forged Swivel Clamps, Forged Putlog Couplers, and Board Retaining Clamp, Girder Gravlock Coupler.


Pressed Steel Scaffolding Couplers Include Sleeve Coupler, Joint Clamps. There are also Pressed Steel Fixed Clamp and Swivel Clamps BS1139, Different from Forged Ones.


Japanese Standard Scaffolding Couplers Include Fixed Clamp and Swivel Clamps, Girder C Clamps are Made from Pressed Steel Too O.D 48.6mm


Scaffolding Coupler Class


According to BS1139 and EN74 Standard, There are Class A and Class B Scaffolding Couplers. Class B is a Type of Heavy Duty Scaffolding Coupler in Slip Strength and Distortion Strength.


ADTO Scaffolds Forged Double Coupler and Swivel Coupler are Class B in Slip and Distortion Heavy Duty.


Scaffolding Coupler Galvanizing and Surface Treatment


Different from System Scaffold, Scaffolding Couplers are Mostly Galvanized. There are E-galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanizing Scaffolding Couplers.


E-galvanizing Scaffolding Coupler with less zinc thickness is also called Zinc-Plated.  This Type of Galvanizing is at Less Cost. Suit for Both Drop Forged and Pressed Steel Scaffolding Couplers. Some Time, Cast Iron Scaffolding Coupler is in E-galvanized too.


Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffolding Coupler is with more than 40 micro Zinc Thickness, It is Higher Cost, but Durable in Offshore Scaffolding, Marine Scaffolding even Bad Weather.


Scaffolding Coupler Bolt Class


Beside Slip and Distortion Strength, Scaffolding Bolt is one of the Most Important Elements in the Scaffolding Coupler for Stable Quality and Safety. ADTO Scaffold Uses 8.8 Class Scaffolding Bolt for Both Galvanized and Hot-dip Galvanized Scaffolding Couplers.


ADTO’s Scaffolding Couplers Export to Global 55 Countries. Include Construction Companies, Building Material Companies, Scaffolding and Formwork Companies, Contractors and Oil Gas Petroleum, Energy Companies.


ADTO Have Complete Test Facilities for Scaffolding Coupler. You Can Get Scaffolding Coupler Load and Slip Test Report For Your Special Order.

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