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ADTO Scaffolding Coupler For Sale


ADTOMall has more than 20 years of experience in the field of scaffolding coupler manufacture. No matter what you need for your construction projects, you can find the appropriate scaffolding coupler right here!


ADTO scaffolding coupler is the fittings for stabilizing and fixing the steel tracks on the flex track. You can find a scaffolding coupler to keep the steel track from moving to the flex track either vertically or horizontally.


We manufacture scaffolding couplers for different industrial use. You can use it for most oil & gas onshore and offshore projects. ADTOMall mainly supplies double scaffolding coupler, beam clamp girder coupler, swivel scaffolding clamp, sleeve scaffolding coupler, putlog coupler, board retaining scaffolding coupler, fencing coupler, and scaffolding ladder coupler.


ADTOMall will be your one-stop provider of scaffolding material you need. We are experts in scaffolding material manufacture.



The following are the scaffolding couplers’ features and advantages:


Commendable sturdiness

Superior resistance to corrosion

Dimensional accuracy

Hot-dip galvanized

Zinc plated


Optimum strength

Long functionality


ADTO is a leading scaffolding coupler producer and supplier. We completely designed the scaffolding coupler by following quality standards for your satisfaction. All of ADTO scaffolding couplers are rigorously tested with quality standards such as EN74 and BS 1139 standards for better performance.


You can easily acquire different dimensions and sizes of ADTO scaffolding couplers and fittings and choose as per your needs.


With our vast knowledge and experience in this industry, ADTO Scaffolding has become one of the popular suppliers and manufacturers of a comprehensive range of scaffolding couplers in China.


For more information about the scaffolding coupler, please feel free to contact us!




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