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ADTO Launches “Hundred Days’ Battle” , Turnover Exceeded Ten Million in Two Days



On April 26, 2020, the marketing activity of the "100-day Battle" of ADTO Building Materials Group was officially launched. ADTO business units, subsidiaries, and joint ventures of the marketing sector in charge of hundreds of marketing elite blow the horn, determined to fight for 100 days to win the “ 100-day battle". The turnover exceeded ten million in two days.


With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation at home and abroad, the industry market of engineering equipment and materials is warming up day by day.


Group chairman You Yanming shared the customer transaction method with the sales elites. He said, ADTO GROUP is an open and inclusive, win-win platform, it sharing customer resources, customer demand information, supply chain resources with each other. Our sales staff should be good at using the company's resources, try every means to create more value for customers.



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