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ADTO GROUP and Dongcheng International Join Forces to Create Greater Business Value Through Resource Sharing



Recently, ADTO GROUP  and Dongcheng International Group (the hotel industry giant in China) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the recruitment of hotel investors, the membership of both parties, and the decoration of hotel materials and hotel supplies.


Dongcheng International Group, as one of the top 14 hotel groups in the world and top 5 in China Hotel Group, has a total of 15 major hotel brands, with more than 3,500 hotels (including preparations), more than 240,000 rooms, distributed in more than 300 cities around the world The number of members exceeds 50 million. According to Dongcheng International Group's plan, it is currently developing at a rapid rate of 1,000 hotels a year.


ADTO Building Materials Group, as a one-stop provider of engineering equipment materials (solutions), has been cultivating engineering equipment materials for more than 20 years and has accumulated massive investment institutions, product supply chains, and global customer resources.


The strategic cooperation reached between ADTO Group and Dongcheng International Group is not only a strong alliance but also a model of cross-border cooperation. Dongcheng International Group's "customer-oriented, cooperative sharing, passionate focus, and result-oriented" values coincide with the ADTO Group's values of "integrity, innovation, sharing, and win-win". Both parties share resources and cooperate for a win-win situation. , Will create greater business value for the development of both sides.



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