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ADTO Group Has Signed with Zhaobang to Provide Domestic and Foreign Customers with Quality Ceramic Tile Products and Services



On August 5, Changsha ADTO Business Union Technology Co., Ltd. and Foshan Zhaobang Ceramics Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out active cooperation in the field of ceramic tile, joint development of domestic and foreign ceramic tile market.


Zhaobang·1018 tiles


Zhaobang·1018 ceramic tile was established in 2007, which is one of the core brands of Shuncheng Ceramic Group, which has the reputation of "China builds ceramic aircraft carrier".

For many years by virtue of the strong comprehensive strength and differential competitive advantage to maintain the rapid and steady market development, the ceramics industry has strong market competitiveness.

Zhaobang·1018 tiles have covered an area of more than 4000 acres of the three modern building ceramic production base, the main ceramic tile series products, with large domestic automatic roller kiln production lines, the annual output of more than hundred million square meters, all kinds of floor tile of the wall of the senior product has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, adopting international standard product, China's environmental protection product certification and China national mandatory 3C authentication and so on dozens of authoritative attestation; "China ceramics industry famous brand", "China environmental protection products", "adopt international standard products", "Guangdong customer satisfaction products", "the national implementation of customer satisfaction project advanced unit" and many other honors in one.


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