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ADTO Aluminum Formwork Helps Xinxiang Community Create Excellent Projects


ADTO Aluminum formwork (Hubei ADTO Aluminum Alloy formwork Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is the core business unit of ADTO Group. As a provider of excellent engineering aluminum formworks, it is committed to providing customers with aluminum formwork design, production and processing, leasing, labor services, One-stop service such as secondary formwork matching.


The company's production base covers an area of 300 acres, with 150,000 square meters of aluminum formwork, an annual production capacity of 500,000 square meters of new aluminum formwork, and 1 million square meters of secondary formworking. At present, ADTO Aluminum formwork has reached strategic cooperation with Fortune 500 companies such as Vanke, Country Garden, and China State Construction. It has served more than 1,000+ projects in overseas markets such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and its products are highly praised and trusted by customers at home and abroad.


Introduction to key projects


The Xinxiang Community project is a key project in Hunan Province and a high-quality image project surrounding the provincial government. It is located at the northeast corner of the junction of Xiangfu West Road and Shuxiang Road, adjacent to the provincial government. It has 9 residential buildings and 1 commercial office building on the ground. The total construction area of the project is approximately 272,900 square meters, with a total investment of 794.5726 million yuan. ADTO Aluminum formwork provides aluminum formwork design, production, leasing, aluminum formwork first assembly, and on-site technical integration services. The aluminum formwork construction area is nearly 600,000 square meters.


At present, all the main bodies of the nine residential buildings in the Xinxiang Community project have been capped, marking a phased victory in the project construction.


The project has set up three observation areas including the ADTO aluminum formwork exterior wall integrated panel sample area, material sample area, and physical sample area, as well as six observation areas including masonry samples, plaster samples, bathroom waterproof samples, underground garage roof waterproof samples, and floor insulation samples. points, demonstrating new processes, new material applications and safe and civilized construction standard practices, laying a good foundation for creating high-quality projects.


ADTO Aluminum Formwork, as a provider of excellent engineering aluminum formwork, has been committed to providing a full range of aluminum formwork rental and construction services. In the Xinxiang Community project, ADTO Aluminum Formwork provided aluminum form rental, aluminum formwork first assembly and on-site technical services for the entire project, providing strong support for the smooth progress of the project and effectively improving the construction quality and construction of the project. Efficiency lays a solid foundation for the successful delivery of the project. ADTO's integrated aluminum formwork services are highly praised by construction parties and real estate developers.


In the future, ADTO Aluminum Form will continue to be committed to providing high-quality aluminum form rental and construction services to the construction industry to help the successful implementation of more projects. We look forward to working with more outstanding companies to jointly promote the development of the construction industry and create a better tomorrow for the construction world!

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