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ADTO Aluminum Formwork Helps Minmetals Wanjing Yayuan Build Excellent Projects


ADTO Aluminum formwork won the bid for the second phase of the Changsha Minmetals·Wanjing Yayuan project undertaken by Shanghai Baoye. Guided by the spirit of excellence and the construction of high-quality projects as the standard, the whole design process was connected in a timely manner, and the production worked overtime to complete the aluminum alloy formwork. Production delivery, on-site construction services, 24-hour technical docking.



The total construction area of the project is approximately 166,000 square meters, with an above-ground construction area of 135,000 square meters, an underground construction area of 31,000 square meters, and a maximum construction height of 53 meters. The main construction content is 12 mid-rise residential buildings, 12 stacked villas, a kindergarten, Commercial supporting projects, etc.



Minmetals·Wanjing Yayuan project is located south of Teli Road and east of East 9th Line, Xingsha Street, Changsha County. It is connected to the old city. It is a high-end residential area with the core of Songya Lake Ecological New City in Changsha City. It has a good ecological environment and good roads.



With a complete network, it is another high-quality residence built by Minmetals Real Estate for more than 20 years in Hunan. After the project is completed, it will help Changsha Songya Lake Ecological New City transform into a "new demonstration of integrated urban development, an industrial science and technology innovation platform, and a new benchmark for quality cities." "As an ecological smart city with the overall goal of building a cultural residence suitable for living and working, enhancing Changsha's urban image and improving the living environment of residents, it is a key new city in the region.



As a provider of innovative engineering aluminum formwork, ADTO Aluminum Formwork has given full play to its construction technology advantages, not only demonstrating ADTO Aluminum Formwork's professional strength in the construction formwork industry, but also setting a model for Minmetals Real Estate to build high-quality residential projects.

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