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Why use ADTO Office Phone Booths?



Privacy where you need it when you need it.


ADTO Office Phone Booths are private soundproof pods designed for increasingly open work environments and a world that is on the go. Our modern phone booths improve the productivity of open-concept offices, allowing workers to take private phone or online calls without occupying conference rooms or having to wander far from their work station. Offered in a wide range of finishes, ADTO Office Phone Booths are high quality, fully customizable furniture fit for any open interior space.


Why we use ADTO Office Phone Booth? Below features may show you an answer.



No need to go far away. You can enjoy privacy inside the ADTO Office Phone Booths surrounded by a carefully constructed sound dampening interior and 10mm glass door. These soundproof pods can be placed in the office to provide you a private, quiet space.



With such a wide variety of customizable finishes available on our soundproof booths, there is a combination to suit every interior. For ADTO Office Phone Booths, OEM services are available.



Shipped in one piece, designed to fit through tight spaces, and the only plug and play construction on the market.


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