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Where Can You Use ADTO Office Phone Booths?



People who work in an open concept office can eliminate background noise and find their focus, even in the loudest of environments with a modern soundproof office phone booth. Below we will make a brief introduction of the application of ADTO Office Phone Booth.



Open Concept Offices


ADTO Office Phone Booths offer a simple, elegant, flexible solution to distractions and noise pollution in open concept offices. Placing ADTO Soundproof Office Phone Booths around the office increases productivity while adding a private space to contrast vibrant open areas. Adding an Office Phone Booth puts an end to individually occupied board rooms, awkward stairwell phone calls, and disruptive loud talkers. Our Acoustic Office Pods provide an alternative to office cubicles while still maintaining a modern open plan.



Co-working spaces


The number of coworking environments where multiple companies inhabit a single space has exploded in recent years. Designated desks with PC’s and enclosed board rooms are being traded in for laptops, bean bag chairs, and breakout spaces for diverse ideas to collide. Information sharing and collaboration are the new kings of corporate culture. But even in this modern concept of a work environment, there are still conversations that are best had in confidence. ADTO Office Phone Booths offer an office furniture solution forever-evolving, innovative work environments.



Transportation Terminals


Airports, bus terminals, and train stations feature large open areas filled with concentrations of people that can be difficult to find an escape from. For business passengers, this can lead to frustration. Imagine the sense of relief knowing that a private, focused, uninterrupted phone call in an ADTO Office Phone Booth is just a short stroll from the gate. Adding privacy phone booths to a transportation terminal results in happier travelers and a better experience for everyone. Create soundproof private spaces with ADTO Phone Pods.



Public Access Facilities


Public spaces have never been great for moments of privacy. However, what if your call is what becomes the distraction for those around you? Where do you have a call in a library, hospital or event? The ADTO Phone Booth is the perfect acoustic solution for any public space. Just step inside our noise canceling booth, sit down, and relax knowing that your conversation is not going to irritate those around you.




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