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What’s the Difference between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel?



Hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel, they are the materials used to manufacture steel coils. When it comes to the difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel, there are many different answers. But it’s important to note that the main difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel is that they have totally different manufacturing processes.


“Hot rolling” refers to the steel is roll-pressed processing at a very high temperature. While “Cold rolling” refers to processes done at or near room temperature. Although these techniques affect the overall performance and application of steel products, they should not be confused with formal specifications and grades of steel, which relate to metallurgical composition and performance ratings.


Steels of different grades and specifications can be either hot rolled or cold rolled—including both basic carbon steels and other alloy steels.


It may seem obvious, but some types of steel are better suited for certain applications. Knowing which to use can help avoid overspending on raw materials. It can also save time and money on additional processing. Understanding the differences between hot and cold steel is integral to choosing one over the other.



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