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What’s the Classification of Flat Rolled Steel Coil?



A flat-rolled steel coil is a type of metal sheet wound into rolls, the width of which is larger than the thickness. Flat-rolled steel coils manufactured by ADTO GROUP have the best quality and favorable price.


This metal is ideal for pre-engineered walls, agricultural roof panels, and architectural building panels. It is also ideal for automotive, ships, chemical and petrochemical, and electric power stations.



Cold Rolled Steel Coil & Hot Rolled Steel Coil


We offer both cold rolled steel coil and hot rolled steel coil for sale:


#1 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Cold rolled steel coil is for either exposed or unexposed applications, which involve bending, forming, welding, or moderate drawing. A cold rolled metal coil is manufactured by removing rust from a hot-rolled coil, soaking it in acid, then washing and drying the sheet. The sheet then passes through a reducing mill under pressure. Unlike a hot rolled steel coil, it is a more finished product with a smoother surface. It also has greater strength and durability.


#2 Hot Rolled Steel Coil

Hot rolled coil steel involves rolling steel above its re-crystallization temperature, usually about 1700° Fahrenheit. The oxide film is stripped off by either mechanical or chemical method or a combination of both. We offer hot rolled black and hot rolled pickled and oiled. The latter uses oil to prevent the metal from corroding and rust.



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