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What is Swing Stage / Suspended Scaffolding System?



A suspended scaffolding system involves a working platform that hangs from an overhead structure. These suspended scaffolds are normally supported on all four sides with ropes. However, other means can also be adopted, such as metal chains.


A suspended scaffolding system is ideal in situations where tall structures are involved. It is difficult to set up a regular scaffolding system when working on a very tall structure. Moreover, it is also costly in terms of time, money, and energy. In such a case, setting up a suspended platform, such as the swing stage scaffolding, is a wise and cost-effective solution.


If you require quick and easy access to tall buildings and structures, then an electric powered suspended scaffold is just what you need. It is a flexible scaffold that can be extended from 3 feet to 72, even more, if required. Moreover, it is a lightweight platform that can be suspended easily from an overhead structure. Although it is lightweight, it can carry loads of up to 1500 lbs.


Speed is another important advantage of a powered swing stage scaffold: it can quickly move personnel and materials at a speed of 35 feet per minute. Furthermore, workers can use the stirrups on the edges of a swing stage scaffold for walking, therefore, increasing the actual length of the platform.



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