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What is PET Strapping?


Polyester is the strongest plastic strap. It is often used for heavy loads that require a high tension during handling, transport, and storage. PET straps offer high tension, are able to retain this tension for a long period of time, and have an excellent stretch recovery. Because of the stretch recovery, they are excellently resistant to shocks and impacts. PET strap is light, UV resistant, recyclable, and easy to handle. These properties remain, even at high temperatures. The main disadvantage is that it is less elastic than the PP strap.



PET strapping band


Our PET band or even PET strap, plastic band, or green polyester strapping band called, shows very high breaking loads that are roughly comparable with the strength of steel strip. PET is however much easier to process and dispose of as a steel band.


Polyester Strapping


Polyester strapping is also known as PET strapping is used when regular polypropylene strapping isn’t strong enough to get the job done. Polyester strap most closely resembles steel strapping in its physical characteristics.


Polyester strapping will withstand higher tensioning than other plastic strapping up to 25% higher, with equivalent break strengths. It will retain tension on rigid loads better than other non-metallic strapping.


Quality’s polyester strapping is virtually unaffected by weather or ultraviolet rays. It is significantly lower in cost than steel strapping, a lot safer to use, and easier to dispose of too. Just imagine how to get rid of steel strapping waste? Polyester strapping is also much safer to use than metal strapping since it has no sharp edges.


Considering all of the above, polyester strapping has become a wise choice as a steel strapping replacement.

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