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What is LVB Plywood?


LVB, or Laminated Veneer Board, is a term sometimes used to describe core structures in wood-based panels that are neither LVL nor normal plywood. The core structure of LVB can be customized according to the requirements of furniture makers. It allows for flexibility in selecting various wood types, plywood, or other materials for the core construction. However, it should be noted that LVB is not a widely recognized industry term and is not commonly used in the market.


LVB plywood is commonly used in furniture manufacturing. Its good bearing capacity and stability make it suitable for producing chairs, beds, tables, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture that require strength and durability. The flexibility of LVB plywood allows for intricate designs and shapes.


LVB plywood can be used to construct door frames. Its stability and structural integrity make it a suitable material to withstand the forces applied to door frames, providing strength and longevity.


LVB plywood is often utilized in the construction of cabinets and shelves. It provides a sturdy and stable base for storing items and can support the weight of various objects.

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