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What is Headed Rebar Copuler?


Headed rebar couplers are a simple and effective alternative to hooks and long development length. 



A compact disc is mounted onto the reinforcement bar end. The assembly of the rebar and the anchor provides a anchorage superior to long straight or bent reinforcement bars, while being simpler and faster to install.


Headed rebar couplers contribute to reducing rebar congestion in heavily reinforced area, which ultimately eases the compaction process and result in better concrete quality in key areas of the structure.


Features of Headed Rebar Couplers


Headed rebar coplers are a convenient alternative to hooks in congested areas. Made of an anchor plate that is screwed onto the end of the reinforcement bar. Anchors are available into two standard sizes to provide a net bearing area 4 or 9 times equal to the cross section area of the bar.


Benefits of Headed Rebar Couplers


As main reinforcement : 

Less congestion. Ease of installation. Threaded heads can be fitted on site after rebar installation. No more risk of rebar embrittlement due to bar bending. Require shorter anchorage (development) length. More faithful realization of strut-and-tie modeling. Better anchorage effectiveness (lower bearing stress and less slip) especially on large diameter bars.


As transverse reinforcement :

Shear reinforcement in slabs and footings. Cross ties in walls, columns and diaphragm walls. Faster installation time. No more site bending of double-headed 135° or 180° hooks. Allow use of larger bars, therefore decreasing the quantity of links.

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