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What is H Frame Scaffolding?


H frame scaffolding system is a platform used in plastering works on interior walls and facades in construction. Frame scaffolding systems are also used for facade painting, insulation, facade cladding, and building and repair of ships.


Another detail to know about what is H Frame Scaffolding is that it consists of vertical, horizontal and diagonal parts. H Frame Scaffolding is a comfortable and reliable scaffolding system. It is also resistant to buckling by establishing rigidity with the connections. It also has safety areas where you can safely carry loads.


Because of its properties, H frame scaffolding ensures that you save a lot of time and labor. The system basically consists of interconnected frames. One H frame is 2 meters high, while the length between two H frames is 2.5 meters.


Applications of H Frame Scaffolding


H frame scaffolding can be easily used in the construction of different structures such as:


In residences and high-rise buildings

In business and shopping centers

On subways and underground stations

In industrial buildings

In energy facilities

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities

In viaducts and bridge slabs

Hydroelectric plant projects


The system is generally preferred for high and thick slabs. It consists of 2 parts which are ledgers and an H frame. All parts of the system can be installed with human power.


Gaps of the tower are adjusted by calculating slab loads compatible with the project.

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