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What is Bridge Construction Cold Extrusion Rebar Coupler?


The Bridge Construction Cold Extrusion Rebar Coupler is used to eliminate possible assembly failure where insertion workmanship of cannot be exactly matched on the rebars at the construction site. Each reinforcing bar attached by the coupler has only one thread length. Lengths are different for each rebar/coupler (Rebar Coupler) size.


The Bridge Construction Cold Extrusion Rebar Coupler system consists of 3 pre-assembled components: a long bridging connection having both male and female threads and a connection stud with a locknut. Rebars face with each other in the maximum void specified in the table, bridging coupler and stud are moved together and the assembly is completed.



ADTO Bridge Construction Cold Extrusion Rebar Couplers are used when the reinforcement bars cannot be placed face to face in challenging rebar cages or difficult installations. Both bars are screwed to the thread of this rebar coupler system and a Transition Insertion Kit is used to mechanically connect the rebars. This set consists of 3 pre-assembled parts: a long bridging coupler, a bridging pin, and a nut. The end of the bridge stud has a female thread that fits into a rod (preferably the upper rod in case of vertical assembly). To connect the rods, the bridging coupler is removed from its stud and screwed into the second rod. The gaps between two-rod ends can be bridged by this system.


Reinforcing Bar Couplers- Sleeved Reinforcing Bars


Overlapped inserts are not always appropriate tools for coupling rebars. ADTO Reinforcing Rebar Couplers Using Rebar Couplers simplifies the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduces the number of required bars. ADTO Mechanical Reinforcement Couplers provide solutions for construction reinforcement bundles such as overlap and welding.


Our strategy is offering more affordable and extremely safe rebar inserts as compared to the options of overlapping and welding. ADTO Mechanical Reinforcement Couplersand equipment is economic, safe, designer-friendly, and easily applicable. In brief, ADTOMall provides matchless benefits and higher earnings to its customers!


In the Overlapping Method, concrete is needed for load transfer. In addition, when the reinforcement reaches the zone of leakage and its diameter changes, clamping ends and the joint doesn’t work. At joints made by ADTO Reinforcing Rebar Couplers, such clamping is not needed and thus, the joint continues to take on load in keeping with the tensile strength. It delivers outstanding performance at cold joints formed between the floor columns.

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