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The Major Application Of Scaffolding


Have you ever noticed that scaffolding is common used in construction sites? Yes, scaffolding plays an important role in construction sites. In this post, I’ll list three major applications of scaffolding.


Let’s begin with the definition of scaffolding. As we know, scaffolding is a temporary structure erected outside a building. The scaffolding system is manufactured from galvanized steel. And it contains many parts: planks, couplers, standards.etc..


3 Major Applications of Scaffolding


1. Accessibility & Convenience


When you want to climb to the high place, ladders are often not long enough. Or it is risky to extend the ladders to their extreme heights. So, scaffolding will be the best choice when you work at a high place. Compared to the ladders, the scaffolding system is steady and safe. Without scaffolding, it is hard for you to work on a multi-storied building and access the upper floors.


2. Safety at Height


Safety is crucial when construction workers working at height. Scaffolding provides workers with a firm base and a large workspace. It also provides handrails that are perfect and very helpful especially, when a worker is about to lose his footing, he can hold on to the handrails and be safe. Compared to using a ladder, the scaffolding system is stable and steady. Even dependable ladders are more vulnerable to moving and imbalance than a scaffolding structure that’s professionally installed.


3. Effective Placement


Balancing on a ladder is dangerous and affects efficiency. With the jack base on firm ground, scaffolding is steady and safe.


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