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Steel Structure: Steel Walkway and Steel Platform Fabrication



Steel is an incredibly versatile material for building and construction, as suitable in a modern home as it is in an industrial factory or manufacturing facility. The latter in particular require the strength and versatility of steel for a wide range of structural elements, such as steel walkways or steel platforms.


A steel walkway or steel platform is a ubiquitous structural element in commercial and industrial spaces. Whether it’s part of a mezzanine, staircase, passage, or catwalk, steel is a highly durable, functional option and will last a lifetime. If you’re in need of a top steel fabricator for a steel walkway or platform, Contact Us.


Steel Walkway and Platform Sections


#1 Steel Grating

Steel grating is the central element of a steel platform. Steel grating is designed to withstand high impact, high load environments and is suitable for just about any commercial or industrial application, from shipbuilding to warehouses to staircases.


#2 Steel Staircases

Steel staircases are another necessary element of a steel walkway in industrial or commercial spaces. Custom steel staircases can be built to meet any special requirements.


#3 Handrails

Sturdy, durable handrails are a vital safety element of any steel walkway or platform.


#4 Balustrades

A baluster is one of the central components of a staircase, walkway and passageway, the vertical bars that connect the handrail and the tread. Singularly each bar is known as a baluster, but collectively the component is called a balustrade.


#5 Steel Ladders

A steel ladder may be required in industrial and commercial spaces to allow access to walkways and passages at different heights where a staircase is unfeasible.


#6 Custom Steel Sections

For applications where standard steel sections are unsuitable, custom steel walkways and passageways can be fabricated to suit any needs.


#7 Steel Walkway and Passageway Fabrication

A steel walkway or platform will last longer, is more eco-friendly and is stronger than any other material used in building and construction. If you need steel walkways for a build and would like a professional opinion, contact us.


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