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Something You Don’t Know about Safety Netting



How to divide the safety netting?


Safety netting is made of high-density polyethylene or nylon. It is widely used in the railing, sports fields, and construction sites. We can divide the safety netting into three kinds by the usages.


#1 Construction Safety Netting 


Construction safety netting is used to circle the building site, in order to prevent the construction materials or workers to fall down from higher places.


#2 Safety Netting For Railing 


Safety netting for the railing is used to help protect children or pets from balcony or railing accidents.


#3 Safety Netting For Sports 


Safety netting for sports is used to protect the players and audiences from foul balls and other accidents.


Safety netting is very flexible, durable and capable to bear harsh environments. It can be available in various standard sizes and colors.



What are the features of safety netting?


#1 Easy to install and remove.

#2 High load-bearing capacity.

#3 Long service life (at least 3 years).

#4 Anti-aging, corrosion, and cold-resistant.

#5 Durable, flame retardant and environmentally friendly.

#6 Different meshes, sizes and colors for different applications.

#7 High-strength materials with soft and light-weight characteristics.



What are the applications of safety netting?


The safety netting is widely used in many fields, such as railing, different sports fields, and construction sites.


#1 Construction Safety Netting

The construction safety netting is commonly used in the higher building to prevent the workers and building materials from falling to the ground, and it can also keep the construction site clean.


#2 Safety Netting for Sports

The safety netting for sports can be used in different kinds of sports fields, which helps protect the players and the audiences.


#3 Safety Netting for Railing

The safety netting for railing can be used to protect children and pets from railing accidents on the stairs or balconies.




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