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Safety Precautions Before Using Swing Stage Scaffolds



Swing stage scaffolds and other suspended scaffolding systems are employed at a great height, which is why safety precautions are of utmost importance.



Ensure that the building or structure on which a swing stage is positioned is strong enough to carry the weight of the unit itself, as well as of the personnel and materials on the platform.



Make a detailed design plan, keeping the swing stage scaffold’s design specifications, limitations of the structure, wind and other such external forces in consideration.



Components from different manufacturers must not be mixed up with each other. Make sure to stick to one company and invest in its products and accessories related to a swing stage scaffolding system.


#1 Inspect each component prior to assembly.


#2 Restrain outrigger beams properly so as to prevent movement.


#3 Equip workers with fall-arrest systems whenever working on a suspended scaffold.


#4 Keep power lines into consideration when working with powered scaffolds.


#5 Follow instructions and guidelines on the manufacturer’s manual or handbook.


Most importantly, make sure that all components and accessories are in perfect condition and compatible with each other. Any repaired components, such as suspension ropes, can be very dangerous to re-use when employing a swing stage scaffold.



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