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Requirements On Formwork System To Guarantee The Safety of Workers



The fulfillment of the below requirements would guarantee a safe, strong, and robust formwork system and provide safe working conditions for laborers. Formwork is a temporary mold into which fresh concrete and reinforcement are placed to form a particular reinforced concrete element. It supports part or the whole of a permanent structure until it is self-supporting.


Economic Requirements of Formwork

#1 Formwork shall be made of low-cost materials.

#2 Energy consumption and labor cost should be as minimum as possible.

#3 Maintenance of formwork is required to be conducted based on applicable standards.

#4 Formwork system must be designed so that the whole formwork system can be assembled and dismantled with unskilled or semi-skilled labor.

#5 Repetitive utilization of formwork is another economic requirement that must not be compromised. So, they must be able to withstand a good number of reuses without losing their shape.



Safety Requirements of Formwork

#1 Emergency escape route shall be provided.

#2 Emergency response plan needs to be established.

#3 Health, safety, and hygiene regulation should be considered while forms are made.

#4 Formwork needs to be manufactured such that workers can handle them without any safety issue.

#5 All reasonably practicable steps shall be taken to eliminate any foreseeable risk arising from the work to be done.

#6 Stability of the whole structure should be checked and ensured to avoid any undesired events which may cause loss of life, delay construction, and increase the cost.

#7 If it is not possible to eliminate the expected risk totally, then control measures and safe work procedures shall be implemented to minimize and control the risk.



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