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Outriggers: Irreplaceable Components of Swing Stage Scaffold



Outrigger is an irreplaceable component of the swing stage scaffold. Without an outrigger, it is simply impossible to employ a swing stage scaffold. An outrigger is a support or suspension structure that allows a swing stage scaffold to connect to it for working with tall buildings. Outrigger is designed so sturdy that it can withstand strong winds, and also hold the weight of the personnel and equipment on the working platform.



#1 Sky Climber Telescopic Roof Beam


This amazing outrigger beam by Sky Climber is a flexible beam that can be extended from 4300 to 5700 mm. With minimal components, it solves many rigging problems.


Other suspension solutions by Sky Climber include hooks, roof beams, and adjustable parapet clamps. Sky Climber also offers to manufacture custom suspension solutions for its customers.



#2 Triangular Rolling Roof Outriggers


Triangular rolling roof outriggers by Swing Staging are fixed on the roof and beams of a building and offer great support for a swing stage scaffolding.



#3 Tractel Portafix Suspension Beam


Portafix is a flexible suspension beam by Tractel that resembles the triangular rolling roof outrigger in appearance. It supports heavy duty construction and allows for different beam lengths to accommodate various obstructions that might occur.



#4 Cable Truss System


Cable Truss System is an outrigger solution that allows for 14 feet of reach. It can support up to 1000 lbs.


A swing stage scaffold employs many other components and accessories, as required. Some of these include hoists forks, trash trays, hand winch, gravel buckets, debris chute, stretchable harness, rope grab, horizontal lifeline system, and ladder climbing system. All these accessories add to the safety of a swing stage scaffold.



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