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How to Test the Quality of Building Templates?


Which is the best building template manufacturer? How to test the quality of building templates?


With the development of the real estate industry, my country's investment in research and development in construction has increased, and the development of the construction industry is no longer the same. Nowadays, most industries are inseparable from infrastructure construction, so the construction party will pay special attention to the quality of building materials. ADTOMall, a building formwork manufacturer from China, wants to share how to identify the quality of building formwork with you.


Firstly, look at the texture and color of the template. A good quality building formwork usually has a regular, beautiful, and generous texture, with natural tones and clear wood grain. On the contrary, the poor quality template has a messy texture, dark surface color, and thick paint layer, which is most likely intentional by the manufacturer to cover up its surface defects.


Secondly, use the trampling method to check the toughness of the building formwork. Randomly select a template, put one end of the board against the fixed pier, make one end of the template high and the other low, and people stand on it and step on it. If the template has an obvious cracking sound, it means that the interior of the template is not a whole core material.


Thirdly, the formwork is sawn into the shape of wooden strips and checked for faults and hollow cores. Saw the building formwork and look at the layout in the middle of the formwork from the side. If there is a fault or a large hollow core area, the formwork will appear bulging and cracking.


In addition, we can also check the glue amount of the template by twisting it by hand. We can open it by hand to see if the raw material in the middle of the product is in a wire-like shape. If the dough is separated from the dough, the building template glue is not enough, and it is easy to crack during use, which will greatly reduce the use of the building template.


Finally, we can also boil the sawn-shaped building formwork in the shape of wooden strips in water to check its adhesion. The template samples were placed in boiling water and boiled for two hours to check the adhesive strength of the templates. This experiment is to simulate the cracking of the building formwork after 2-3 times of use. If there are signs of cracking, it means that the quality of the building formwork is not good and the waterproof effect is not good.


Building formwork is the base of the construction project. The quality of building formwork is closely related to the effectiveness of the construction projects. Therefore, if we can learn to distinguish the quality of building materials, lots of cost will be saved.


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