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How to Select Best-quality Scaffolding Acrow Steel Props?


The acrow steel prop is a load-bearing component that can support the platform to a specified height. Workers can choose different acrow steel props according to the height of the construction.  ADTOMall, as a leading professional scaffolding steel props manufacturer, would like to introduce how to select the best quality scaffolding steel props.


1. Load-bearing capacity

Steel props are divided into light steel props, medium steel props, and heavy-duty steel props. So we should select the steel props according to the different load-bearing capacities.


2. Support height

Steel props are composed of an axis and an adjustable main body. The height can be controlled by adjusting the distance between the axis and the main body. Therefore, different types of steel props can support different heights. So when choosing the steel props, we should refer to our working site height.


3. Quantity

In addition to height and load-bearing capacity, we also need to know the weight of the entire platform and the number of steel props needed to support it stably. Safe is the first thing.


4. Price

The last point is the price. We need to make several purchase plans according to our requirements. Try to ensure that we can buy the best quality steel props at a favorable price.


It is actually very simple to choose suitable steel props. But do remember the most important thing is that we need to analyze in advance. Only in this way can we buy suitable steel props. If you have purchase needs, but don't know anything about steel props, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the most perfect solution.

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