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How to Make Oil Casing Pipe Anti-corrosion?


1. First of all, do a good job in meeting water quality standards, and strictly monitor and manage water quality. Carry out cleaning and separate injection, strengthen the cleaning of the main water pipeline, ensure that the water quality in the station and the bottom of the well meets the standard, and reduce the introduction of corrosion sources into the annular space;

2. For the water injection wells that have been newly put into production, the annulus protection fluid, which is mainly sterilized, is adopted, and a system is formed to add it regularly;

3. In view of the accelerated effect of mechanical abrasion on the corrosion of oil casing, it is recommended to add a rubber ring on the tubing coupling or add a centralizer to the serious part of the well deviation, so as to avoid the tubing scratching the casing and the casing during operation and water injection. One side contacts the casing;

4. In view of the serious corrosion of sub-scale bacteria and the slow growth and killing of SRB at high temperature, high-temperature water or steam at 100 degrees Celsius can be injected into the annular space regularly to kill the sub-scale SRB;

5. It is not recommended to promote the use of cathodic protection and coated casing before the corrosion in the casing of the water injection well is effectively controlled.


In short, the oil casing pipe is a very important equipment in the oil industry, and its maintenance and maintenance are very important. By adopting the above method, the service life of the oil casing can be guaranteed, and the production efficiency and safety of the oil field can be improved.

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