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Hoist: Components and Accessories of Suspended Scaffolds





The most important component of a suspended scaffolding system is a motor that helps adjust the height of the hanging working platform. There are different motors by different companies that can be employed for this purpose.


When selecting a hoist, the weight of the unit itself, as well as the weight of personnel and materials, are important factors to keep in mind.



Tractel Tirak Hoist


Born in 1941, Tractel revolutionized the industry when it manufactured hoists, both manual and electric, which enable the use of a suspended scaffold.


Tirak hoists consist of four components: rope/cable driving mechanism, gearbox, electric motor, and a secondary brake. The wire rope/cable passes completely through the machine so there is no trouble of dealing with long cables. Tirak hoists can be used for any height ranging from 30 to 1200 feet, even more, if required. They are equipped with either an air-powered motor or an electric one.


These hoists are designed to make work at great heights as safe and easy as possible. That is why they are equipped with a secondary brake. In case there is a power failure, the secondary brake can be used for controlled descent, therefore completely eliminating the dependency on and need for electrical components. Tirak hoists are designed and intended for vertical hanging rope.


The primary positives of a Tirak hoist include powerful but lightweight, simple but reliable, constant speed regardless of height, and emergency descent with the provision of a mechanical emergency descent device. Moreover, they lack the hassle of lengthy cables and electricity that might result in power failure or sparks.


These are incredible motors that are sure to give you years of hassle-free and rewarding service. Tirak hoists are designed such as to allow for use with all suspended scaffolding systems, including bosun’s chair, work cages, and swing stage that is the star of this article.



Sky Climber Hoist Motor


Sky Climber is a renowned company and global leader when it comes to providing amazing solutions for work-at-height. It has been manufacturing access equipment and accessories since 1955.


A suspended scaffold is complete only when it employs a hoist motor. The Sky Climber hoist is designed with minimum internal components so as to keep its maintenance as simple and easy as possible, in addition to reducing costs. Featuring a controlled descent button that is non-powered, the Sky Climber is a safe and reliable hoist that your dedicated workers deserve.


To minimize dependency on electricity or other sources of power, Sky Climber offers a strong output even if the voltage is low. It has an aluminum shell that helps keep dust, dirt, and moisture out. It is powerful enough to withstand tough conditions, but it is just as light. Because of its sturdy design, this is one of the best and most durable hoist motors available in the market.


Sky Climber offers both electric and air hoists. Air hoists are flexible because they can fit through confined spaces, making it easy to work in any area of a building.



Power Climber Hoist


Power Climber is another market leader in the industry of scaffolding and access solutions. It has been in operation since 1972 and is spread over North and South America, Europe and Asia.


Power Climber offers PC1 and PC3 traction hoists that offer a reliable and affordable performance. At around 46 kgs, it is a lightweight hoist that gives excellent performance and a speed of 35 feet per minute.


It is a simple hoist for which maintenance takes less than an hour. It is such an uncomplicated; device that workers of any skill level can operate it and troubleshoot most of its problems.



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