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Five Kinds of Products Ends



Flat-end pipe

Flat end pipe is a pipe supplied with unmachined threads, and It may upset or not , but it shall comply with all requirements of a specific steel grade in this standard.


Product with API Threads

Steel grade H40, J55, K55 or M65 casings are available in short or long threads. However, if the purchaser requests a long threaded casing, it should be specified on the order.


Rounded Nose

The “round” or “bullet-nose” type of pipe end may be provided by the manufacturer or specified by the purchaser to replace the conventional corner breaks on the threaded ends of external upset tubing. The improved end should be rounded so that the coating is applied and the inner and outer surfaces are rounded and smooth, without sharp corners, burrs.



Product threading, gauging practice and thread inspection shall be in accordance with API Spec 5B. The product end shall not be hammered, but may be slightly shaped to meet the requirements of thread machining. For steel grades of C90 and higher strength, such forming shall only be carried out with the consent of the purchaser.


Workmanship of ends

All product ends shall be free of burrs on the inside and outside edges. And sand blasting shall be applied to both male and female threads of C110 steel grade.



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