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Do You Know Why Should We Use Reinforcement Connection Coupler?


Conventional reinforcement connection methods such as overlapping and welding don’t satisfy the need of overcoming the ever-increasing technical difficulties in the construction industry anymore. In spite of this Coupled Joint Systems, a product of modern technology, reduce the costs, and provide a more successful structural integrity. The low-cost Reinforcement Couplers will speed up your project and bring in competence. ADTO Mechanical Reinforcement Couplers provide solutions for construction reinforcement bundles such as overlapping and welding.


Our strategy is offering more affordable and extremely safe rebar inserts as compared to the options of overlapping and welding. ADTO Mechanical Coupler sand the equipment are economic, safe, designer-friendly, and easy to implement. In brief, the ADTO rebar coupler provides matchless benefits and higher earnings to its customers!


Advantages of reinforced couplers over embedded connections:


Blockage of reinforcement bars with reinforced inserts affects the integrity of the structure. This can be prevented by using high strength ADTO Couplers.


• Size of the zones with decreased concrete and floor areas are maximized and thus, the value of the building increases especially in the main areas of progress.


• Bearing the upholstered joint loads fully depends on the adherence of the surrounding concrete. Deterioration of concrete may affect the performance of the joint.


Bars can be coupled with ADTO Couplers by using a coupler and this can prevent the mold to be damaged.


• Provides material and cost savings because less steel is used.


Creates a greener and lighter building. 

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