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Do You Know What is ADTO Debris Netting?


Debris Netting is made from UV stabilized polyethylene monofilaments. By using this kind of material, debris net creates an open mesh shape netting. Construction debris net is mainly used on scaffolding systems to keep rubbishes or debris controlled on building sites. Building a construction debris net improves construction site safety by reducing the risk of debris falling outside the working platform. By the installation of scaffold debris netting, a safer environment is made for both workers and the general public.

Debris Netting can be used to create a barrier or partition sites during sports or recreational events. It is also extremely popular and widely used as a general garden netting. There are special agricultural shade netting that used to protect the crops and fruits.

All ADTO debris netting is sold with a limited 1-year warranty against UV failure. The warranty is CUSTOMIZED according to your country or regions geographical conditions, and does not cover wear and tear or weather damage, but warrants the netting against UV failure for 1 year from invoice date. Please click here for more information.

For securing the netting, we advise using our Cable Ties for a long term fitting or our elasticated Shock Cords for use where the netting will be erected and taken down on a regular basis.

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