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Do You Know the Components of Table Formwork System?



Table Formwork System is a kind of shuttering specializing in floor concreting and it is widely used in high building and skyscraper, multi-layer industrial factory building, substructure, etc. Table formwork system has a simple structure, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be reusable.


Materials used for the construction of concrete formwork range from traditional materials such as timber, steel, aluminum, and plywood to non-traditional materials such as fiberglass. The systems used can be a combination of two materials. Wood products are the most widely used material for table formwork systems.


The components of Table Formwork System consists of the following 4 different members:


#1 Aluminum/timber scaffolding system which consists of frame, Jake and cross braces.

#2 Channel beams in longitudinal direction usually made of steel or timber. The lifting brackets are fitted into these for the lifting of the shuttering by crane.

#3 Channel beams in smaller lengths are also of the same material.

#4 The top surface upon which the concrete is placed is made out of plywood.



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