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Do You Know How to Install Acrow Props When Constructing Metro Tunnel?



It is a very important job for the construction personnel of the metro tunnel to install the acrow props. But do you know how to install acrow props when constructing metro tunnel? Below we will show you the answer.


When installing acrow steel props, it is necessary to ensure that the technical disclosure design is firm. When necessary, it is essential to strengthen the quality inspection of welding to ensure safety. Each acrow props must be prestressed according to the design requirements, and the mounting joints of components should be strictly checked. If any welding problems are found, the joints should be welded in time to ensure stability and safety. In addition, relevant records should be made when applying to prestress. Below is the whole process of acrow props installation.


1. Before the installation of acrow steel props, you should make a piping test assembly according to the actual width of the foundation trench. And also do some related inspection on intermediate section, the fixed end and the movable end connection bolt. The degree of eccentricity of the center line on assembled acrow props’ both ends should be controlled within 2 cm. Then number the acrow props according to the supporting parts.


2. It is better to use the gantry crane integral hoisting in place, and the lifting point is 5 meters away from the end part.


3. Both ends of the installed acrow props whose elevation difference must be controlled within 2 cm. The supporting deflection should not be greater than the supporting length of L / 400. The horizontal axis deviation should not be not more than 5 cm.


4. After the installation of acrow props, you need to check the stability of the links between the nodes to make sure the installed acrow props be compliance with the safety standards.


5. After increasing the axial force, it is necessary to check the stability of the acrow props and reinforce it again.


6. Install the axial force meter as required. When assembling the pipe joint, make sure that the axial force meter is welded firmly to the fixed end of the acrow props, and strengthen the protection of the test line.


7. And the oil pump gauge and wheel jack you used must be calibrated in advance, and make regular maintenance. 



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