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Do You Know ADTO Rebar Connection System?



ADTO Rebar Connection System is a high quality, economical connection system of reinforcement. ADTO Rebar Connection System is a simple, efficient method for connecting reinforcement steel, which eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional procedure of lapped joints. The lapped joints system may provide long-term consumption, greater rebar congestion, and unsafe usage in seismic zones.


The design of the rebar couplers allows for a connection of the reinforcement steel in which the characteristics are equivalent to uninterrupted rebar, and the transfer of loads is made in the bar, not in the concrete as it is for lapped joints. The shape and the metric thread allow for easy mounting at the construction site or in the prefab factory using standard tools.


The characteristics and advantages of the ADTO Rebar Connection System are:

- Used for reinforcement steel with a diameter from 10 mm to 40 mm.

- The full diameter or cross-section of the bar can be used.

- Complete connection of the reinforcement.

- Suitable for dynamic and seismic loads.

- Slip value of the system under 0.1 mm.

- Additional preparation of reinforcement steel is not necessary.

- Suitable for all types of reinforcement steel according to the European and American norms.

- The shape, height, and type of the ribs of the reinforcement steel have no influence on the connection.

- Since the dimension of the outer diameter is minimal, a better concrete cover is generated, and reinforcement steel congestion can be prevented.

- The contact surfaces of the couplers exclude the use of lock-nuts.

- Every diameter and length of the reinforcement steel, straight or bent, can be fitted to a coupler and can be easily connected on site.



- A nut-wrench is not required for tightening the coupling. A pipe-wrench or torque wrench has to be used to tighten the couplers and to prevent thread movement.

- Special tools, power sources, and special training of personnel are not required.

- The metric thread and the connection method allow for fast, easy control of the connection.

- The mounting time is reduced to a minimum.



- The couplers are delivered in a standard, electrolytically galvanized version, thereby preventing rust.

- At the client’s request, the couplers can be made from stainless steel.


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