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Different Types Of Carbon Steel Plates And Their Usage



Below there are Different Types Of Carbon Steel Plates And Their Usage.


Carbon Structural Steel Plate

It is mostly used in the construction industry and hence, the quality, durability, and performance have to be of the highest standard. They have to withstand overweight load and pressure and must be corrosion resistant. It is known by the name construction steel plate.


Boiler Steel Plate

These are high-pressure plates generally used in designing vessels, boilers, and heat containers. Carbon boiler steel plates have low corrosive properties and can withstand low heat. Several layers of either chromium or nickel are added to make it suitable for usage in various environments.


Tanks Steel Plate

These plates are used for the building of oil and gas tanks, storage tanks, water tanks, and tanks for storage other all kinds of stuff.


Carbon Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Shipbuilding Steel Plate – These plates are in high demand especially from the oil and gas industry as they require thick plates of extremely good quality. Most of these are made according to the specifications of the customers and the steel used is certified because a small lamellar tear can be fatal.



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