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ADTO GROUP Got The “Golden Products & Sincere Enterprise” of Alibaba and Passed The SGS On-site Certification



Alibaba, together with SGS, has carried out on-site certification for the ADTO Building Materials Group. After rigorous examination and evaluation, all the index data of ADTO meet the relevant standards have passed SGS certification successfully. ADTO Building Materials Group becoming the "Gold Products Sincere Enterprise" of Alibaba International station.



This certification is an important link for ADTO Group to further open the international market. Meanwhile, it has also added a great deal of color in the credit archives of more than twenty years, which fully demonstrates its excellent reputation and strength in the industry.



"Golden Products & Sincere Enterprise" is a quality supplier verified by the authoritative strength of Alibaba platform. To obtain this title, an enterprise must pass the authoritative examination and certification of a third-party certification body. SGS is Alibaba's cooperative certification company and the world's leading inspection, certification, testing, and certification company. SGS is a globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark. SGS testing team conducted field comprehensive evaluation at the headquarters of ADTO Building Materials Group and Tianjin factory, and highly recognized the production capacity, trading capacity, quality management ability, and R&D ability of ADTO GROUP.



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