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ADTO Aluminum Formwork Project Jinxin·Haoyue Huafu Project Has Been Completed


ADTO Aluminum Formwork is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADTO Building Materials Group, with assets of 350 million yuan, covering an area of 300 acres, with 150,000 square meters of aluminum formwork, and an annual production capacity of 500,000 square meters of new aluminum formwork molds. Secondary mold matching 1 million square meters. Specializing in providing customers with system services such as aluminum mold design, production and processing, secondary mold matching, leasing, sales, technical services, labor services, and brand agency.



At present, ADTO Aluminum Formwork has reached strategic cooperation with Fortune 500 companies such as Vanke, Country Garden, and China Construction. Aluminum alloy formwork has served over 1,000 projects in overseas markets such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East.



Carved by time, crafted with ingenuity. From a blueprint to the glorious capping, from brick to brick to quality housing, after hundreds of days and nights of meticulous carving and ingenious polishing, accompanied by festive fireworks blooming in the sky, Jinxin Haoyue Washington Residence is capped with glory! Live up to expectations and deliver a win-win answer of "quality and speed" perfectly!



At present, Building 2 of the Jinxin Haoyue Huafu Project has been capped and the first phase of Building 3 has been completed. From a blueprint to the implementation of the construction, from the reinforced concrete foundation to the capping of the main structure of the building today, we advance the construction progress according to strict standards, ensuring efficiency while focusing on quality. Every brick and tile contains ingenuity and hold fast.


In the Jinxin Haoyue Huafu project, the product advantages of ADTO aluminum molds have been fully demonstrated. Our aluminum alloy formwork materials not only have excellent strength and stability, but are also lightweight, easy to disassemble and reuse, which greatly improves the efficiency of construction sites and reduces construction costs.


We will continue to uphold the concept of "integrity, innovation, sharing, and win-win", continuously improve product quality and technical level, and provide our customers with safer, more environmentally friendly, and more reliable building formwork solutions. We look forward to successful cooperation with more outstanding projects and jointly contribute to urban construction.


What is "fourth generation housing"? From an intergenerational comparison, the first generation houses are thatched houses, the second generation houses are brick houses, the third generation houses are urban elevator rooms, and the fourth generation are "sky courtyard houses" and "urban forest garden buildings". In layman's terms, the fourth generation of housing is a "masterpiece". It combines all the advantages of traditional courtyard houses, alleys, Western villas, sky gardens, vertical greening, and high-rise elevator rooms. In terms of living effect, every household on each floor has a "garden courtyard" to let nature Ecology returns to the city to create a truly "ideal residence" for humankind in the future.

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