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A Subsidiary of ADTO Building Materials Group Won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Regional Economic Development in 2022"


Recently, Changsha Xiangjia Metal Materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADTO Building Materials Group, won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Regional Economic Development in 2022" in Yuhua District, Changsha City. A high degree of affirmation for actively undertaking social responsibilities.



Changsha Xiangjia Metal Materials Co., Ltd., as an international trade service provider under the ADTO formwork and scaffolding industry chain sector, is committed to providing global customers with one-stop services for engineering equipment and materials such as formwork and scaffolding. The products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and exported sales have maintained steady growth for many years. It has won honors such as "Top 10 Private Enterprises in the Import and Export Industry of Hunan Province" and "Alibaba Billion Online Merchants Award". Now it has grown into a shining business card of Hunan's foreign trade export.


In 2022, Yuhua District will achieve a regional GDP of 247.8 billion yuan, ranking first in the province in terms of economic aggregate and the highest contribution rate in the city. High-quality development will advance to the top ten in the country for the first time. As a key foreign trade enterprise in its jurisdiction, Changsha Xiangjia, with the strong support of the district government, always takes promoting the high-quality development of the regional open economy as its own responsibility, and overcomes difficulties in technological innovation, quality management, market development, and social responsibility. Working hard and moving forward bravely, the annual operating income was 780 million yuan, and it has delivered an excellent answer to boosting the solid and steady development of Yuhua's economy.



In the new year, on the fertile soil of Changsha Yuhua District, Changsha Xiangjia will continue to take innovation and development as the lead, gradually form a comprehensive competitive advantage centered on technology, brand, quality and service, and contribute to the promotion of local economic development Greater power.

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