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6 Reasons to select ADTO Aluminum Formwork



ADTO GROUP, a building materials supplier integrating R&D, production, sales, and logistics. We supply products involve scaffolding, formwork, and all kinds of steel products. Today, we want to make a brief introduction on six reasons to select ADTO Aluminum Formwork.


1. Production

We are ADTO GROUP. We are the leading professional aluminum formwork manufacturer in China. We have a technical manufacturing plant. We can provide high quality and stable Aluminum Formwork.


2. On-Time Delivery

We can meet the customers’ delivery time requirements with multiple production lines.


3. Self-designed Pressing dies

One-piece in design and fabrication of pressing dies and pressed aluminum materials minimize loss or malfunction in use of construction. Our know-how in technology guarantees competitive quality and life-span among other providers.


4. Reputation in Engineering and Design program

ADTO Aluminum Formwork, with the practical design and best quality, has got a good reputation when applying in many construction programs. Its competitive price and high quality are known to the customers all over the world.


5. Various Type of Items Production

There are many other kinds of forms aluminum formwork can be transformed. In other words, ADTO Aluminum Formwork is versatile.


6. Supervision of on-site supervisor

Before the shipment arrives at the site, single or a group of skilled supervisors goes to the construction site to prepare mock-up the Aluminum Formwork System and manage unexpected events that might occur.



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