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Picture of The best Flat Pack container house in China
  • Picture of The best Flat Pack container house in China
  • Picture of The best Flat Pack container house in China

The best Flat Pack container house in China

FOB Price : US $2200.00

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Folding container house is a form of house using steel intermodal containers as structural element. The use of containers as a building material has grown in popularity over the past several years due to their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense. Homes have also been built with containers because they are seen as more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as brick and cement.

Standard Product SpecificationLength (mm)5900/5800
Width (mm)2440/2350
Height (mm)2896/2910
RoofingFlat-pack with drainage system
Buliding Floorless than 3 layers
Standrad Design ParameterHouse Lifetime20 years
Ground Load Capacity20KN/ m²
Roof Load Capacity1.0KN/ m²
Wind Resistance0.6KN/ m²
Earthquake ResistanceGrade 8
StructureConer FittingQ235# galvanized steel
Roof Main BeamQ235# galvanized steel
Roof Minor BeanQ235#  C-galvanized steel
Bottom Main BeamQ235# galvanized steel
Bottom Minor BeamQ235# C-galvanized steel
Finish PaintingElectrostatic Powder Coating
House CoveringRoof Sheathing0.5mm galvanized color steel board
Thermal Insulation Board50/100mm Glass Silk Waddings with one-side of aluminum foil
Color Steel Ceiling0.4/0.5mm  galvanized color steel
FloorDecorated SurfacePVC floor / plastc floor/ wooden floor
Basing Pancel15mm MGO/19mm fiber cement board, density ≧1.5g/cm³
Thermal Insulation Board50/100mm Glass Silk Waddings with one-side of aluminum foil
Back Cover Steel Board0.3mm color steel board
WallEPS Color Steel Composite Board50/75mm color steel board
Sandwich Board50/75mm rock wool board
Flashing Part50/75mm clad pancel-S kerve
CeilingColorbond Ceiling TileW200mm/W831mm  Ceiling tile
Edge of Ceiling TilePowder Coating steel
PVC Ceiling PVC pancel + PVC corner + ceiling keel
DoorSize (mm)840*2030mm
WindowSize (mm)930*1100mm / 1130*1100mm
Frame Materialplastic stee with frame, 50/75mm pancel
Glasses4mm double glass
Electrical SystemVoltage220-240V
WireTotal 4²RVV /  socket 4²RVV / ordinary socket 2.5²RVV, lighting switch 1.5²RVV
Leakage ProtectionLeakage protection
Light2 sets of single-tube fluorescent lamps
Electrical Socket 3pcs 10A /5 holes, 1pcs 16A /3 holes
Water PipeWater Pipe(input)PPR
Water Pipe(output)PVC/UPVC
All of  our equipments & accessories are basing on ISO.


Water leakage prevent: Water-Tight Container House is our most competitive product. 
Affordable & Practical: According to the different levels of economic development and the weather conditions, different options of budget and design are available.
Flexible Combination: Stand alone, or combined horizontally to create big open space, or stacked vertically up to 3 stories. 
Fast Assembling: Averagely 4 workers can erect 1 container within 3 hours. The container also can be assembled in factory and then transferred to the site.
Safe Stability: Framing with light steel structure and adopting the splicing of wall panels, the building has excellent thermal and sound insulating performance, seismic resistance to 8 degree, wind resistance to 11 degree. 
Cost Efficient: First class material, reasonable price, once and for all investment, low requirements for base and short completion time make it cost efficient. 
Easy Transporting: 4 units can be packed as a 20’ shipping container, which can save 3/4 freight cost; and 6 units can be packed into a 40’high-cube shipping container. 
Repeatable Use: Under normal circumstances, the container house has long performance life up to 20-30 years, also it can be disassembled and re-erected on another site. 
Environment friendly & Economical: Reasonable design makes it reusable. The reusable character makes it environment friendly and economical. 


 1. Environmental, no waste produced during assemble, no Rubbish under construction 2. Flexibility when fixing doors, windows and interior partitions

 3. Modern appearance, optional colors for the walls/panel and roof

 4. Cost saving and convenient transportion  

 5. Safe and stable


Quality Assurance 

Control from production process:

We provide customized service

Control from material:

All bolts and screws are international standard

Galvanized steel sheet, material

Panel: Galvanized steel sheet +twice primer + paint twice

Insulation materials: EPS \ PU rock wool

Control from inspection: Final inspection before loading

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1. Q: Could you please design a new and unique steel prefab villa for me?

A: Absolutely! We are able to provide you with not only construction scheme, but landscape design! One-stop service is our outstanding superiority with no doubt.


2. Q: What should I provide to build a steel prefab villa?

A: So easy! Sketch drawing would be a better reference for us. However, you will never mind if you don’t have any. Simply notify us your requirements, such as the area, usage and the stories of the house. Before long, you’ll possess an amazing design.


3. Q: How could I ensure the cost of building a steel prefab villa?

A: Firstly, the designing scheme should be accepted. Then, the kinds of building materials should be confirmed since different types and qualities make various prices. After that, we will send you a detailed quotation.


4. Q: How long does it take to build a steel prefab villa?

A: It depends on the size of the house. Generally, one 300 square meters house takes 35-60days (building body: about 35days, with home decor: about 60days ) finished installation by 8 skilled workers, it can save more money and time than precast concrete house.


5. Q: Is it difficult to build a steel prefab villa?

A: Totally not, you can build the house independently according to the construction drawings as long as you know how to use an electric tool.


6. Q: Does this kind of house can only be used in residential buildings?

A: Absolutely not. It can be used in all kinds of buildings, such as hotel, office, school, entertainment club, light industrial workshop, etc.


7. Q: Is steel prefab villa stable?

A: Set your hearts at rest! You are completely safe living in light steel prefab house even if there are hurricanes of 200km/h and 9-grade earthquake outside.


8. Q: What are the advantages of steel prefab villa compared to the traditional building?

A: Better isolation of sound and heat, better fireproof and anti-seismic, Wind resistance, Time and labor saving, more usable area, excellent termite-proof capability.


9. Q: Does steel prefab villa look different from the ordinary one?

A: Yes, steel prefab villa is more beautiful and suitable for any style.


10. Q: How do we cooperate on certain project?

A: Firstly, please send us your project details and your requirements. Then we will design accordingly, free of charge. Afterwards, please check and confirm whether you like the drawings. If not, we shall get the drawings revised until your confirmation. Finally, we make a deal on alibaba.com with Trade Assurance.

Project details —> Drawings for your project —> Revised drawings —> Transaction confirmation with Trade Assurance.


11. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Delivery time depends on order quantities. Generally, the delivery time will be 15-25 days after receiving the deposit.

If you are interested in our sandwich Panel Container House/Temporary housing, please kindly provide to us your prefab house drawings or the following information, so that we can give you a better offer.

1).Dimension: Length, width, height, roof pitch

2).Doors and windows: dimensions, quantity, the position to fix.

3).Local climate: Wind speed, snow/rain load, earthquake.

4).Insulation materials: sandwich panel or steel sheet.

5).Crane beam: Do you require a crane beam inside you steel structure building and what is the capacity?

6).Where does your house plan to use?

7).Are there any materials that are not allowed to import into your country?