American scaffolding fasteners are indispensable for tubular scaffolding construction. They are also one of the scaffolding steel pipe fasteners.


As we all know, the quality of the scaffolding fasteners is directly related to the safety of the construction platform. Therefore, the quality of the fasteners used to construction the scaffolding must meet the standards. The American scaffolding fasteners meet international standards, its quality is guaranteed.


American scaffolding fasteners have the following advantages:


1. Safe and reliable. When the joint is designed, the joint has a reliable self-locking ability considering the screw friction of the upper bowl and the self-gravity. The load acting on the crossbar is transferred to the upright through the lower bowl buckle, and the lower bowl buckle has a strong shear resistance (up to 199kN).


2. Multi-functional. According to the specific construction requirements, it can form single and double-row scaffolds, support frames, support columns, material lifting frames, climbing scaffolds, cantilever frames and other functional construction equipments with different frame size, shape and carrying capacity. It can also be used to build structures such as sheds, sheds, and lighthouses. Particularly suitable for erecting curved scaffolding and heavy-duty support.


3. High efficiency. The longest common rod is 3130mm and weighs 17.07kg. The speed of the whole frame is 3 to 5 times faster than the conventional one. The assembly is quick and labor-saving, and the worker can complete all the work with a hammer, avoiding the inconvenience caused by the bolt operation.

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