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Why We Use Aluminum Alloy Formwork?



As a formwork which was already popularized in developed countries, the popularity of aluminum alloy formwork in the world is an inevitable trend. But why we choose aluminum alloy formwork in the construction? Followings we will have a discussion and show you the reason.



Why is the traditional wooden formwork out of date?


Wood formwork construction has been widely used, with simple materials, construction adjustable and other characteristics. In the construction, the material is mainly wood plywood and wood square back wall, and the construction method relies heavily on the technical level and management level of site construction personnel to give play to the site. And even if some of the new processes are used, the overall lack of system integration. This extensive model of uncontrollable factors, low overall efficiency, and high labor costs show that it is no longer suitable for the needs of the new era.



Is there a new way to better replace wood formwork?


As early as 1962, the aluminum alloy formwork appeared in the United States. After being introduced into China in recent years, it has been widely used in advanced real estate enterprises. Compared to wood formwork, Aluminum alloy formwork’s most significant advantage is the realization of the construction of the factory. The factorization of construction works, that is, to deal with and complete as much as possible the problems occur on construction sites and many jobs that are dealt with on-site can effectively save the labor costs of construction sites. After modularization, the aluminum alloy formwork can be used again and again, which is very suitable for buildings with a higher degree of standardization -- the higher the degree of standardization, the more the advantages of factory construction can be reflected.


Aluminum alloy formwork is better than wooden formwork on the aspects of construction technology, environmental protection, and cost. 



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