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Environmental Protection Merits of Using Aluminum Alloy Formwork



In the aspect of environmental protection, aluminum alloy formwork also has many advantages:


#1 High recycling value: recycling use, low carbon, energy-saving, reducing emission.


The aluminum alloy building formwork has high residual value and obvious advantages in cost-sharing. The loss rate of materials and support system of aluminum formwork turnover is almost 0, the standard components in the formwork system account for about 80% of all the components of aluminum formwork, the normal use turnover times is more than 300 times, the salvage value recovery is up to 30%, in the use of high-rise or super high-rise buildings compared to the wooden formwork system has an obvious cost advantage. Because of its high recycling value, it can be recycled all the time. The aluminum alloy formwork conforms to the international policy of low-carbon environmental protection and green building.


#2 Energy conservation and environmental protection: reduce construction waste and construction pollution


Aluminum formwork with CL structure insulation integration, ALC board construction, site construction materials fixed scale quantitative factory processing, reduce the main body and masonry construction phase construction waste generation, and because of the process to avoid painting, greatly reduce the construction dust. The aluminum alloy formwork is easy to realize the civilized construction site, the construction site is clean, will not appear the phenomenon of waste wood template piling up.


#3 In cost, aluminum alloy formwork is also lower than wood formwork


Although the single time, the cost of aluminum alloy formwork material is much higher than the wood formwork, but the turnover rate of aluminum alloy formwork at least 300 times, the loss rate of nearly 0 and the standardization rate of more than 80%, make the aluminum alloy formwork has a greater advantage when constructing the highrise building.



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