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The Merits of Using Aluminum Alloy Formwork



#1 Lightweight: reduce the operation cost of tower crane and reduce construction accidents.

It weighs less than 19Kg per square meter. The steel formwork weighs 60kg per square meter, while the aluminum formwork weighs less than 20kg. It can be assembled and transferred manually, without relying on hoisting machinery, with wide adaptability, which can reduce the operation cost of tower crane, and the construction without nails can avoid the injury of hands and feet.


#2 Less board surface patchwork seam: reduce dimensional error and improve installation accuracy.

The surface of the plate is large, less patchwork, geometric size error is small, installation accuracy is high, construction common fault generation rate is small.


#3 Construction convenience: easy to assemble

Aluminum alloy building formwork assembly is convenient, can be manually assembled, or assembled into pieces by mechanical hoisting.


#4 Turnover times: reduce material costs

Aluminum alloy formwork can be used repeatedly, standard construction, normal service life can reach more than 300 times, good maintenance turnover times can reach 500-1000 times, the price per square meter is close to the steel formwork, the amortized cost is 15-20% lower than the steel formwork.



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