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Key Points of Using ADTO Plastic Formwork



As an important construction procedure of cast-in-place reinforced concrete, formwork engineering plays a decisive role in ensuring the construction progress and controlling the construction quality of reinforced concrete structures. The following is a brief introduction to the ADTO building formwork, hoping to give you some help.



#1 The Characteristics of ADTO Plastic Formwork


1. ADTO plastic building formwork has good machinability, which is basically consistent with the construction method of wood formwork.

2. Non-hygroscopic, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, especially suitable for use in a humid environment;

3. High strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, long service life, turnover of more than 50 times;

4. The surface is smooth, smooth, no need to brush demulsifier, can be sawed, can be nailed;

5. Used scrap board and leftover material can be recyclable, cost-saving, reduce pollution, In line with the concept of sustainable development.



#2 Method of Application


1. The ADTO plastic formwork is used in the same way as the wooden formwork.

2. Don’t need to brush the release agent before the use.

3. In the case of the cast-in-place slab, the spacing of keel is 20~25cm, and that of the slab wall is 15~20cm.

4. The seams between the boards need to be sealed with tape.

5. Nail length should not be too long, generally 30~35mm.

6. Nail force should be moderate (the poor board is easy to break, the appropriate test method is to use a small hammer to hit 2cm away from the edge of the board).

7. When dismantling the mold, it should be carried out from the small piece at one end, while dismantling the support and the template, in order to prevent large area falling, do not let the corners fall to the ground vertically. (the plate is not close to the cement, which is convenient for demould. The edges and corners of the plastic products are fragile, which need to be taken good care of).

8. The plastic formwork can be mixed with wood plywood, bamboo board and boards made from other materials.



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