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What Kind of Help Does Ringlock Scaffolding Provide?



1. Multifunction

According to the specific construction requirements, the construction equipment can be composed of a variety of frame sizes and the load of 0.6m single row, double row scaffold, support frame, support column, material lifting frame, and other functions, and can do curve layout. The scaffold can be used with adjustable bottom support, adjustable upper support, double adjustable early dismantling, beam, frame, and other accessories, which can be used with all kinds of steel pipe scaffold, to achieve a variety of versatility.


It can be installed on any uneven slope and stepped foundation. It can support the stepped template, and it can realize the template early dismantling. The early removal of part of the support frame can be realized, and the passage can be built, and the eaves can be overhung to fly the wings; It can also cooperate with the construction of climbing frame, mobile worktable, external shelving, etc., to realize the support function of various functions; And it can be used as storage shelves, can be used to set up various stages, advertising engineering support.


Its pole has the function of arbitrary connection length by 600mm modulus and also has the function of inverted butt, which provides convenience for the use of special height size. Wheel-plate multifunctional steel tube scaffold also for the use of a large standardized template, for the new template for the hook, installation, fixed to provide technical support.


2. Less structure, easy to build and disassemble

The basic structure and special components make the system suitable for various structures. It is only composed of three kinds of components: vertical pole, horizontal pole and inclined tie pole. The vertical pole, horizontal pole and inclined tie pole are all made in the factory. First, it maximally prevents the easy loss and damage of the parts for the traditional scaffold and reduces the economic loss of the construction unit. Second, there are no activity locking parts, maximum to prevent the traditional scaffold activity locking parts caused by unsafe hidden trouble.


3. Products have a high degree of economy, use more convenient, faster

In use, just need to plug both ends of the bar into the corresponding conical hole on the pole, and then knock tight, the rapture and lap quality of the traditional scaffold can not be achieved. Its take apart speed is fastener steel pipe scaffold 4-8 times, is more than 2 times of the bowl buckle scaffold. Reduce labor time and labor remuneration, reduce freight costs to reduce the overall cost. The joint structure is reasonable, easy to operate, light and convenient. The weight of the pole is 6-9% less than that of the bowl buckle pole of the same length.


4. Large carrying capacity. 

Vertical pole axial transmission force, so that the scaffold overall in three-dimensional space, high structural strength, good overall stability, the disk has a reliable axial shear, and the axis of various members intersect at one point, the number of connecting bars than the number of the bowl buckle joint, the overall stability strength by the bowl buckle and scaffold increased by 20%.


5. Safe and reliable.

Independent wedge inserted self - locking mechanism. Due to interlock and gravity, the bar plug cannot be released even if the bolt is not pressed. The plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked by pressing the bolt or removed for disassembly. In addition, the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, so as to improve the bending strength of the steel tube, and to ensure that the pillar will not appear skew when the two are combined. The vertical cross precision of vertical pole axis line and horizontal pole axis line of wheel plate type multi-function steel tube scaffold is high and the bearing property is reasonable. Therefore, the bearing capacity is large, the overall steel degree is large, the overall stability is strong. Each pole is allowed to carry 3-4 tons. The use of diagonal rods is much less than that of traditional scaffolds.


6. Good comprehensive benefits.

The component series is standardized to facilitate transportation and management. No scattered easily to loose components, low loss, less later investment.



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