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The Application of Ringlock Scaffolding



Ringlock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding system, which was introduced from Europe in the 1980s. It is also known as chrysanthemum disc scaffold system, disc scaffold system, wheel disc scaffold system, buckle disc scaffold system, Layher rack (as the basic structure of ringlock scaffold is invented by LAYHER Company in Germany, it is also known as the "LAYHER rack" in the industry). Mainly used for large concert lighting rack, background rack. Multifunctional ringlock scaffolding is the upgraded product after the cuplock scaffolding.


The socket of this scaffold is a 133mm diameter and 10mm thick spigot. There are 8 holes on the spigot, 48*3.5mm, Q345B steel tube as the main component, the vertical pole is welded with a disk every 0.60m on a certain length of steel pipe. The new and beautiful disk is used to connect the horizontal pole with a connecting sleeve at the bottom. The bar is made of a plug welded to both ends of the steel tube with a bolt.


The ringlock scaffolding is widely used in general viaduct and another bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, plant, elevated water tower, power plant, oil refinery... The support design of the special workshop is also applicable to the overpass, span perches, storage shelves, chimney, water tower, and indoor and outdoor decoration, large concert stage, background frame, stand, viewing platform, modeling frame, stair system, party stage, sports competition stand, and other projects.

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