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Do You Know the Test Steps of Couplers?



Do you know the test steps of couplers? Today we will have a brief discussion of it.


The first step of the couplers test is to purchase raw material.

#1 Specified steel factory to produce steel pipe

#2 Inspect the surface of each batch of raw material before receiving  

#3 Inspect the inner hole for each batch

#4 Test the hardness for each batch

#5 Test the chemical component for each batch, also do the tensile test for each batch of raw material

#6 Color-marked for storing each batch


The second step of the couplers test is qualified production.

#1 Record the products quantity and scrapped quantity for each production step

#2 Inspect for each 15 pcs coupler by operators

#3 Workshop routing inspection per hour, Casual inspection by workshop director each two hours    

#4 QC director do the casual inspection before storing each day

#5 Warehouse director do the inspection for coupler each day  


All couplers have the serial number, or client’s customized mark, there is traceability from raw material’s number, heat number, the batch number to the production worker’s code of each step, time of putting in storage, delivery time and arriving time, client’s inspection, the start time of using the couplers, etc.



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